Should students participate in politics

If the public of America choose not to participate in the democratc system, it will cease to function. Election of fellow pupils, or even staff, to class and school bodies, referendums on changes to school rules etc, could all impart some practical understanding of what democracy means.

We need to find new ways of connecting people's desire for change with the political system, and ensure that politics isn't just about a mass compromise once every four years. Being born does not make you qualified to set international policies.

Youth can change the world through politics by becoming actively, meaningfully and substantially involved throughout political parties and beyond. When they think about school, for example, they think also about the challenges of getting their child there transport policyabout the costs of after school childcare and so on.

It is about conflict and about power. They are the future of tommorrow It has been proven time and time again that children are impressionable, and that the things you learn while you are young dictate who you will become as an adult.

So inevitably, the issues that most affect them in their daily lives will be discussed and addressed in the course of youth work. Voting is more like shopping, with preferences changing. Nurturing talent — There is no equal distribution of development and opportunities in our country however, there is somewhere a hope that if youth began to enter into politics the scenario might change.

Rather it is the absence of any way for the great majority of citizens of any age to be involved in policymaking. Stitched-up and infantilised, they resent their masters. It will always disappoint someone. In New York, the ban on political pins now being contested has existed in some form or another for more than two decades, though union leaders say it has been rarely enforced.

May be we should.

Should children be taught politics at school?

To deny young people knowledge of how the system works excludes them from the democratic process, just as not teaching reading would exclude them from the world of books. He said acts such as insulting and disrespecting senior government officials are uncalled for.

In a way, I agree with you - one of the problems I see in our educational system is that it tends to try and apply the same teaching process to students who in many cases, due to their individual quirks, need different teaching processes to learn optimally.

Why people are not engaged in politics and policymaking – and how to fix it

If a kid has to wait until the age 20 to graduate, hopefully at 20 they had learned responsibility so when they go out into the real world, they'll be ready.

Maybe once they start it they wont find it boring thats stupid they may find english and maths boring but you would stop them learning that. Our government is a democracy, and consequently we have a voice, and the power derives from the people.

The US originally only allowed land owners to vote. But while unions can signal to their members which candidate best serves their interests, a third-grade teacher telling her students she'll be voting for Obama is construed by many as overstepping.

Lots of people, especially youngsters fly abroad because of dearth in scope and opportunities and who can understand this situation better than the one who belongs to the younger crowd?

The lack of meaningful communication between departments gets in the way of effective public engagement.

Should Students Participate In Politics or Not

But if the younger generation decided to enter politics, we can expect decency and moreover educated leaders taking the country to another height. Building momentum for single candidates requires they remain committed to the causes that get them elected; pushing a political party or platform requires staunch champions for youth in politics.

They should know how to contact their local councillors and what they can go to them about. There seems very little effort by the media to explain political decisions, rather than just jumping on any perceived gaffe or conflict.

Pastor Chanda said the protests were most likely politically motivated. It's great to see politicians with Twitter accounts but there's only so much you can do with that.

Should students participate in politics?

We have stupid laws, police corruption, huge debts and hosts of social problems because short-sighted people vote for short-sighted policies written by short-sighted megalomaniacal politicians. That right has been defended with blood -- thousands and thousands of gallons of blood. The majority of my classmates and friends do not concern themselves with the issues being discussed in Congress, and do not even intend to vote next year in the presidential election.

Join the Public Leaders Network for more comment, analysis and job opportunitiesdirect to your inbox. Some political groups are changing to respond to the growing number of young people who want to affect the political system. All adults who wish to be masters of their own fates should be involved in politics.

However, 'democracy' remains an incredibly positive notion. They government just expects everyone as soon as they are 18 to pick a party and start voting for them with no understanding of how government passes laws etc No because It is our right in a nation of, by, and for the people to be involved in shaping our own futures.University Students have always been at the center of political change and should be encouraged to participate in politics freely on all facets of issues affecting our people.

Another random. Students with more highly educated parents and higher household incomes are more likely to have the opportunity to participate in student government, give a speech, or develop debating skills in school.

Spontaneity should be the norm in politics: It would help if politicians had the courage to be frank and were less afraid of going 'off-message'.

If the norm in politics was spontaneity, the media. The question is whether students will participate in choosing our elected leaders despite their reservations, or withdraw and let them be selected by others, including those very wealthy contributors whose undue influence so many of the students bemoan.

definitely students should participate in politics. but only thing which matter is they should be strong enough to face the problems which they overcome.

only such students can be successful in politics. else others who are entering into politics with thoughts of doing good things but not strong cannot withstand the problems.

they will be. Active participation in politics causes great interference with a student’s primary duty of study, and may lead to colossal waste of time and energy in his academic pursuits. Students should not, therefore, take part in active politics.

Should students participate in politics
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