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There was amazing teamwork! Russia offered four jets with rescuers, equipment, food and medicine, but their help was first declined before later being accepted. While I believe that we should reserve the armed forces for outside threats to National Security or terrorism, I believe that in instances where there is a prolonged and sustained need for a Federal Disaster Response like Hurricane Katrina, the armed forces should be mobilized but the command structure should be placed under the civilian Unified Command.

There were still some setbacks though in these efforts because of the lack of coordination between agencies, some areas were serviced by multi-agencies while other areas were totally left on their own.

Before, the context by which Response to hurricane katrina essay premise and ensuing principles of allowing states work independently has worked. He would come back and forth giving us updates of what was going outside.

I thought that was my last days on this earth but thank God we were rescued on the fourth day but in bad conditions. I was there when Hurricane Katrina struck. Press reports indicate that there were other failures at the state and local level in expediting aid and social services to the stricken area.

Private individuals and Socio — civic and religious groups from all over the US volunteered their time, services and resources and opened up their homes to practical strangers.

This will also free other departments or arm of the military service for other more complex or urgent tasks. For example, rapper Kanye West criticized him for neglected the affected areas since they were majorly occupied by black people. We were surrounded by water with no escape.

FEMA sent hundreds of firefighters who had volunteered to help rescue victims to Atlanta for 2 days of training classes on topics including sexual harassment and the history of FEMA. At the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina, the people who were affected at Orleans and the coastal region begged for the government to assist them but the government of President Bush did not assist them.

Most of the citizens in New Orleans including myself refer to hurricanes at times as a mini vacation just as many of the citizen in Belleville, Illinois for snow days because of possible days off from work and school.

However, the mandatory evacuation order was issued by Mayor Nagin [75] and, as the White House reconfirmed the timeline, it is unlikely the Bush call was decisive in the making of the order.

In your discussion, be sure to close with what you envision as important to fostering this transformation. Usually, my family and I evacuate when there is a sign of a hurricane appearing. The maximum use of all sectors of society — from the military, to civilian police and first responders, to organized non-profits and religious groups to individual volunteers and citizens, will be needed to effect a successful and less bureaucratic NRP.

The roads were also impassible, and traveling was a disaster. Nonetheless, there were at least thirty-five people on one roof. Acts of terrorism became widespread and global in scope.

Hurricane Katrina Argumentative Essay

Work Cited Barnes, Michael D. Even though George W. Federal officials commandeered the buses, and told the guests to join thousands of other evacuees at the Ernest N. But over the last sixty 60 years, the need for a more comprehensive, organized and sustained effort and response in resolving issues and calamities have manifested itself.

As soon as George made it across the field away from the helicopter I tackled George with a hugged. I believe that a concerted effort should be geared towards maximizing existing structures and human resources now available rather than create new bureaucracies to serve or satisfy the same objectives.

Emergency Management Response to Hurricane Katrina Essay Sample

On Saturday August 27, several hours after the last regularly scheduled train left New Orleans, Amtrak ran a special train to move equipment out of the city. This policy was met with much criticism by the media, and compared to censorship.

Inthe U. Kenyon was the only disaster management company capable of handling this kind of large-scale event. We had better back home minus the ten feet of water surrounding us. Robert greenleaf essay Robert greenleaf essay march of death poem analysis essay charles dickens biography essays essays on snap marc antoine laugier essay on architecture summary of oliver vsu admissions essay personal statement galax arena essay tense mother daughter relationships essay digital the ses and dissertations and the ses thomas wolfe essays on success june us history regents essay elektrostatische wechselwirkung beispiel essay muhammad ali mini research paper urban vs suburban essay help bressay shop essay on council of ministers government harvard undergraduate admissions essays into uga argumentative essay on smoking a menace in societyhadmut danisch dissertation abstracts essay plan words into pages psychotherapy case study essay pugh matrix beispiel essay michael oakeshott rationalism in politics and other essays online.Government Response to Hurricane Katrina.

Print Reference robust approach to domestic disaster management. NRF outlines effective ways of preventing, preparing for, response to Hurricane Katrina when it occurs in any state especially in the vulnerable areas.

If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the. The disaster of Hurricane Katrina was beyond the expectation of the officials of the emergency management, which resulted into delay in supporting the effected people and the area by the guards and military.

The response allows sharing of costs by the organizations involved thus reducing the cost borne by each state in mounting response to Hurricane Katrina (Walsh, Christen Jr, Lord, & Miller, ). Emergency management at the local level and implementation of the NRF in response to Katrina. Essay on Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina was recorded as the eleventh storm and fifth hurricane that happened in the year The storm was a natural disaster that majorly affected the coastal region of the United States of American.

Hurricane Katrina was by far the most destructive storm to strike the United States with the actual cost of Hurricane Katrina’s damage between $ billion. An estimated 1, people died and millions of others were left homeless along the gulf coast and in New Orleans.

Essay about Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina - According to the “The handy weather answer book” by Kevin Hile a hurricane is defined as a tropical storm formed in the Atlantic Basin.

Winds reach speeds of 74 miles per hour or more.

Response to hurricane katrina essay
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