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Bob snuck past the checkpoints to see if he can salvage anything from his green Cajun Cottage near where the 17th Street floodwall breached. Baton Rouge is now the largest city in Louisiana, its arenas and hotels jammed with evacuees.

David Helvarg sends a dispatch from the hurricane-ravaged South

Still, destruction on a biblical scale also offers Noah-like opportunities for restoration. Clearly the Louisiana National Guard was not up to the task of dealing with more than a million environmental refugees and victims in the state.

FEMA convinced Congress this would reduce individual risk while shifting the burden of hurricane disaster relief onto policyholders. One controversial proposal argues that the government should pay poor women financial incentives to use birth control. Explore your thinking on this issue.

The mayor wants to open the city back up to residents but the approach of Hurricane Rita has forced him to postpone his plan. I try not to breathe too deeply. What we know we are going to have are more environmental disasters like the Hurricane Season of linked to fossil-fuel-fired climate change, and bad coastal policies driven by saltwater special interests.

In paragraphs 4 and 24, to what does Helvarg compare the post-Katrina Gulf Coast? All this has shrunk the wetlands by up to 30 square miles a year in recent decades Katrina and Rita may have eliminated an additional 20 to 30 square miles.

Like the Dust Bowl of the s, the Storm Bowl of today could result in a new wave of homelessness. Aside from my rental, one of the only other compacts I encountered belonged to an animal-rescue group. Blackhawk helicopters fly overhead at sunset while a Red Cross truck down the street offers hot food to the handful of residents still here.

The first day I passed through the police roadblocks, I found myself in Lakeview, one of the communities that sat under water for two weeks. Unfortunately, as I drive east through Mississippi and Alabama I find most of these coastal trees and wetlands festooned with plastic like Tibetan prayer flags as if monks were praying over dead turtles and seabirds.

Nearby, the Grand Casino barge has taken out much of the stately facade of the six-story yellow brick Biloxi Yacht Club before grounding next to it.

David Helvarg sends a dispatch from the hurricane-ravaged South

It is now the largest financial exposure the federal government faces. The changes were requested by, among others, Representative Porter Goss of Florida. The National Hurricane Center gave 72 hours warning and the Coast Guard surged in behind the storm to do more than 6, flood-water rescues during four days of helicopter flying.

This is where towns of several thousand, like Empire and Buras, got washed away and some oil tank farms ruptured.

Apparently, when it comes to helping out the damp and the rich, bipartisanship still flourishes in Washington. They would guarantee a large insurance pool by making the rates so inexpensive that lots of people would buy the policies.

Unity Radio announces that if you're going to tonight's Louisiana State University football game in Baton Rouge you can return after curfew provided you show your game stubs at the roadblocks. One piece of good news is that many of the live oak, hackberry, and cypress that look dead are starting to rebud.

Unfortunately, as I drive east through Mississippi and Alabama I find most of these coastal trees and wetlands festooned with plastic like Tibetan prayer flags as if monks were praying over dead turtles and seabirds.

Longman Reader, The, 11th Edition

Fine yellow dust starts rising up from under my boots and infiltrating the car. Most of the description in this essay focuses on visual details, but Helvars also describes some other sensations.

Unable to drive far in the debris-chocked streets, I get out of my car, half expecting the sweet, rotting smell of death. We had eight feet for two weeks. A police spokesperson assures listeners there are still 20 to 30 roadblocks around New Orleans and 11, guardsmen in the city.

What transitional words and phrases does he use to keep the reader oriented as his essay progresses? The on-the-ground results of cronyism and myopia were shocking even to the eyes of a hardened reporter.

Further on are the smashed homes and muddied boulevards and still-flooded underpasses and cemeteries, abandoned cars and broken levees of an eerily hollow city.

We stop and stare in awe at a foot barge tossed atop the levee like a bath toy on a tub rim. What do these passages contribute to the essay? I was considering either going back to war reporting, or turning from journalism to ocean advocacy as Ralph Nader and others who'd read my ocean book were encouraging me to do.DAVID HELVARG is president of the Washington-based Blue Frontier Campaign and a contributor to E's climate change book Feeling the Heat.

A version of this story originally appeared in Multinational Monitor.

The storm this time: natural and unnatural disaster in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

"David Helvarg The Storm This Time" Essays and Research Papers David Helvarg The Storm This Time Kate Chopin’s “the Storm ” analysis on division significance The short story “the storm ” is a story of a women’s sexuality and the love of the character Calixta and her partner Alcee.

David Helvarg is president of the Blue Frontier Campaign (palmolive2day.com) and author of The War Against the Greens, (Johnson Books, ), Blue Frontier — Dispatches from America’s Ocean Wilderness (Sierra Club Books, ) and 50 Ways to Save the Ocean (Inner Ocean, ).

Longman Writer, The: Rhetoric, Reader, Research Guide, and Handbook, 7th Edition. Brandon Coronado Summary 1 Summary of David Helvarg’s “The Storm This Time” In “The Storm This Time” (), David Helving shares his experiences while traveling the Gulf Coasts aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as a journalist and environmental activist%(4).

David Helvarg THE STORM THIS TIME Three weeks after Hurricane Katrina, an environmentalist tours New Orleans and the Gulf Coast to assess damage and the prospects for recovery. Riverbend BLOGGERS WITHOUT BORDERS.

David helvarg the storm this time
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