Cooking oil as an additive component of candle essay

Used Cooking Oil as Candle

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Oil, Fire and Crayons Essay Sample

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This study aims to produce a low-priced but high-quality candle by using used cooking oil as a major component. The researcher would like to test the feasibility of cooking oil. The following materials: mL used cooking oil, 1 kg paraffin wax, strings cut into 5 inches long, serves as, wick, crayons in different colors, kettle, beaker, stirring rod, mold.

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Consult our quick reference chart. Then help us grow more Millionaire cheats! Cooking Oil as an Additive Component of Candle Essay Sample. This study tries to find out the feasibility of the used cooking oil as an additive component of candle.

This study aims to produce a low-priced but high-quality candle by using used cooking oil as a major component. The researcher would like to test the feasibility of cooking oil.

Cooking oil as an additive component of candle essay
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